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Artbox stickers and notebooks!

I was very good on my trip to Artbox over the weekend and only bought five new packs of stickers! Plus the little mini one at the front from the Chinese market.

new stickers!

mystery sticker!

I don’t really know what this mini one is, but I liked the design and it was only 50p so I bought it! It says on the back ‘anti slippery sticker’. Apparently you peel off the top and back bits then ‘put your mobile, ipod, note pads, pens, keys, sunglasses or accessories on top for easy access and prevent things from slipping, sliding and falling’. I’m not entirely sure how it achieves any of these things, but there you have it.

My new stickers from Artbox are Q-Lia Christmas ones, Kamio Russian dolls, Q-Lia Little Fairy Tale puffy ones (with a super cute Alice and Snow White), cake and ice cream ones, and Q-Lia burger and rabbit ones (a random combination indeed).

cute Alice

cakes and sweets!

russian dolls

You can also see the inside pages of my new little Russian doll notebook in the last pic! I bought three more notebooks as well.

stickers and notebooks


The Magical Circus one is my favourite! It has so many different designs inside – I think I like the pastel one with the carousel the best.

notebook pile

The notebook covered in little flowers has pink lined paper inside. The notebook with the clock and the lamp is thinner and plainer (and only £1.39), but I had to get it because it says on the front ‘Please always know that I love you more than anything else in the world’, which is just what I want to hear from my stationery – how lovely!  ^_^ If you want to buy super cute stickers and notebooks too, visit www.artbox.co.uk or one of the London stores.

As well as Artbox, I also went to Forbidden Planet in London and got a super cute new diary covered with tokidoki kawaii characters. I also picked up some post-its designed like Facebook messages which I thought were pretty cool. I might bring them in to the office to use! As always, photos by my lovely hubby James (jamesdouglasphotography).

StickerKitten x

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