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Paperchase stickers and other shiny things

Hello! Today I am writing about stickers and shiny things. I was ordering a wedding gift last week from Paperchase and in order to make up the amount to qualify for free delivery I just HAD to add some stickers to the basket.

Paperchase stickers

And in more detail…

Paperchase Easter stickers

I love the Easter ones because they are in glittery pastel shades with super cute bunnies, chicks, easter eggs and flowers.

Paperchase high tea stickers

They are lovely for springtime, like these high tea stickers, with lots of bunting, little sandwiches, cakes, strawberries and even a winking lemon.

Paperchase strawberry stickers

From Paperchase’s new range I also got these strawberry stickers. They are very thick gem-like stickers as you can see in the pic. I’m not sure about the blue backing paper though – the strawberries would have looked prettier against a white or pale pink.

Paperchase sweet shop stickers

Following on the theme of all things yummy I couldn’t resist these little sweet shop stickers. The jars have different sweeties in – humbugs, lollipops, liquorice, jelly beans and bon bons. I also like the brown kraft paper they have used. It gives them a bit of a vintage feel.

Paperchase stop watching stickers

These little clock stickers were a bargain in the sale at only 50p. They also have a vintage feel and would work well with the Papermania chronology range for cards and scrapbooking.

Papermania cassettes stickers

Finally I chose these little retro cassette stickers! Ah the good old 90s.

Because I also have a small notebook addiction I added these two to my basket:

Paperchase taches and java notebooks

What could be better than a notebook with moustaches!

Notebooks with lined paper and a margin

Both have lined paper inside and margin, just like your old school exercise books. They’ll be good for jotting down notes and vocab when I do my Italian classes.

When I was in town this weekend I also spotted some notebooks in Debenhams. Only £3 in sale for a set of 3.

Alphabet exercise books

I love the retro alphabet print covers! There are two lined and one plain. I’ll have to write some novels or something so I have a reason to use them all…

And finally, I know you’ve been wondering where the shiny things are from the ‘shiny things’ part of the title, so here they are.

Shiny things...oooohhh

Whilst in Debenhams I also found a really cool little vintage tray by Matthew Williamson. It’s supposed to be a soap dish, but why fill it with boring soap when you can fill it with shiny things!

Tray of shiny things

I used a selection of bits and pieces from my tin of beads and pretty things. A lot of it came from broken jewellery, but it is all useful for craft projects. For now it is sitting on the coffee table in the living room looking shiny and inviting.

Shiny things on the coffee table

Hubby thinks I am mad.

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