10 ways with striped paperby Laura RumbleApril 28, 2019 |

Hi there, Laura here to talk stripes…

I’m sure you’ll all agree with me – when you get a new die you want to cut it straight away. My new die arrived on the same day as my StickerKitten package which included the Sweet Pastels range of papers. This pack includes sweetie patterned paper and a diagonal stripe patterned paper. I picked out a pink stripe to cut the 15x15cm rose die on. Trouble is I had done no thinking ahead and had no idea what I was going to do with the die cut, and I couldn’t waste it because it was cut on new paper!! This is my thinking process on what to do next, which honestly turned into a play session with stripy paper!


  1. I pulled out all of the stripe paper from the pack – it comes in 5 pretty colours. I knew I needed to back the die cut with something so went through the options
  2. Exactly the same paper underneath
  3. The same paper underneath but shifted over by one stripe
  4. The same paper underneath but rotated
  5. A contrasting colour underneath
  6. A contrasting colour shifted over by one stripe
  7. A contrasting colour underneath but rotated

I loved the different options especially the plaid effect you get from rotating the stripes. This then set me thinking about other ways of using the five striped papers together.

  1. I lined them up
  2. offset the stripes
  3. I created chevrons
  4. I decided to make a thank you card in the end and chose the subtlety of the same stripe underneath the die cut.

I added a feature flower that I watercoloured and a stamped greeting from the Sweetie Jars stamp set also available now.

Now I know these stripe papers can be used in so many ways I can’t wait to get creating. First up has to be some chevrons on a scrapbook layout… it’ll be coming to StickerKitten’s Instagram feed soon so make sure you are following!