How to create decoupage home decor projectsby StickerKittenJuly 5, 2017 |

Hello crafters! In this blog post I am looking at how to create decoupage home decor projects using the Bee Garden collection. I use a really simple technique for decoupaging that only takes a few minutes and has really smooth and professional looking results. The Bee Garden papers are great for this type of decoupage because they are fairly thick (160gsm) so the paper sticks down smoothly and sands well.


For this pretty project I began with a wooden MDF house blank and painted it cream. You could leave the MDF bare if you want as the paper sticks just as well, but I knew I was only going to cover one side of the house with paper, and as the edges are very thick they’re quite visible so look nicer painted.

Next I smooshed PVA glue all over the front of the house with my fingers, making sure to smooth it right to the edge. Fingers are the best tool for this job so you can create an even and smooth covering of glue – so hopefully you don’t mind getting a little messy :) Next put the glue side on the back of your patterned paper and press it down to stick.

Leave it a few seconds to dry a bit and then you can trim off the excess paper. The easiest method is to use a craft knife so you can cut close to the edge. Push the heart aperture through with a pencil. Don’t worry if it’s a little ragged – next you’re going to sand it! Use a foam sanding pad (or ordinary sandpaper is fine but tends to be a little rougher so use a lighter touch) to sand around the edge of the house and around the heart aperture so it looks like the paper is blended into the wood. Finally, to complete my house I attached a little wooden bee with tacky glue to finish it off. Ta da! Super quick and easy.

If you’re still a little unsure on the technique, check out one of my previous tutorial videos on YouTube:


My next project is a key holder.

James cut a piece of MDF to 16x20cm for me, routed the edges and drilled the holes. I painted it and then used the same decoupage technique as above to add the yellow floral patterned paper. As the plaque is wider than the papers, I joined two pieces together. The line is visible but not too much so I think it’s ok. Next I screwed in three hooks and then tied twine in the holes to hold it up. If you wanted you could use a less visible method to mount it to the wall but I don’t mind this rustic look. Then you can add some actual keys to it – mine has little mini craft ones on there!