Farmyard Card Kit: How to Create Four Cute Notecardsby StickerKittenMay 10, 2020 |

Our new StickerKitten Farmyard card kit contains everything you need to make four cute note cards to send to family and friends. In this blog post I talk you through how to put each one together. The aim of our card kits is to make it really simple for you to create lovely cards in no time at all.

I love ewe card


  1. Cut a panel of green cross paper to fit across the bottom of the card. No need to measure, just draw round the card blank to get the width right and cut it to the height you want to represent the grass.
  2. Cut a rounded shape off the corner of the yellow paper sheet and glue top right to represent the sun.
  3. Glue a barn ephemera piece to the left of the card.
  4. Add the sheep and ‘I love you’ elements on top with a foam pad.

Hen and chicks card


  1. Draw round the 4×4″ card blank on to the back of a sheet of yellow paper, then cut it out slightly inside the lines. This will make the paper panel just smaller than the card, giving you a white border.
  2. Use the yellow panel as a template to cut out the green grass panel as shown. Glue both to the card blank. The yellow will be the sunlit sky and the green cross paper is the grass.
  3. Glue the barn to the centre of the card and glue a corn stalk to the left.
  4. Use foam pads to attach the chicken and chicks.

Have a quacking day card


  1. As for the other cards, create the yellow sky and green grass panels by drawing round the card blank. Cut the green grass at an angle to look like a hill.
  2. Draw a circle on the blue squiggly line paper just smaller than the width of the card and cut it out. You can use a circle die if you have one or a compass to make it neater, but a freehand circle is fine. Cut the circle in half to make a semicircle and glue it to the bottom of the card to create the pond.
  3. Glue the tractor top right as though it’s travelling over the hill.
  4. Glue a corn stalk on the left and then attach the duck and the sentiment with foam pads.

Hay there card


  1. Using the card blank as a template to get the widths right, cut a blue panel of paper for the sky, and orange strip for the ground, and a green strip for the hill. Glue them to the card as shown.
  2. Glue a hen house to the left of the card, with a chick standing on the ramp.
  3. Glue a hay bale to the right of the card, half on, and cut off the excess. Glue the ‘Hay There!’ sign next to it and the cockerel on top.
  4. Use foam pads to attach the chicken.

I hope you enjoyed creating your cute farmyard cards! The kit has 30 sheets of paper so you will have loads left over to make more cards, and you will have some toppers left over too. You can buy more card blanks from your local craft store so you can keep creating! Try making some larger square cards, or rectangle A6 or 5×7″ cards. If you need more toppers check out the ephemera section of our shop. And more papers can be found here.