How to make your own stickersby StickerKittenMarch 13, 2017 |

Hi there crafters! This evening I’ve made a short three minute video tutorial on how to make your own stickers.

You will need

  • Sticky roll (available from Wild Spider Designs).
  • StickerKitten Birthday Dinos paper and stamps (available from my online shop – click on the shop tab above).
  • A craft punch (I am using an Xcut heart punch).
  • Scissors and a craft knife.


You start by sticking down your paper, patterned side up, on the sticky roll and cutting around it. Then what you’ve essentially made is one giant sticker! Next you can punch out shapes, die cut intricate shapes or cut strips to use as sticky borders.

You can also make your own stickers from stamps. Just stamp your image on to your chosen paper in any colour ink, adhere the stamped sheet to the sticky roll, and then cut round each individual image to make the sticker. All you need to do is peel the backing off and it’s ready to stick!

If you’ve bitten all your nails off like me and find it tricky to get the backing off then just use the tip of a craft knife to lift up the backing and then you can easily peel it away.

I just love the idea of having a stack of little ready made custom stickers ready to go! As well as cards they would be lovely to use on tags, or when wrapping gifts to add a few more personalised touches.