Introducing the new StickerKitten Unicorn Fairground craft rangeby StickerKittenMay 25, 2018 |

Hi crafters! I am very excited to introduce to you our new Unicorn Fairground craft range! We have been developing this range over a few months, since January this year. I love the unicorn trend that is around at the moment and I had just read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern so my head was full of all this magical imagery of circus tents, stars, fairgrounds and black stripes against pretty pastel candyfloss colours so this is where the collection came from! I started off knowing that I wanted black stars to be a feature, so when I was able to source these dramatic black star sequins I was very happy! I love that they add such a strong finishing touch to cards.

The next strong image that I had in mind to include was a pretty carousel, but with unicorns instead of regular horses! James did the artwork for this carousel paper and I loved it – the colours were perfect and the design just as I had pictured. I wanted wooden embellishments to match and James did the artwork for those too. They are very intricate and take a long time to laser cut, but I wanted something pretty with lots of detail. It took time to get them right and make sure there weren’t any bits too fine that they would snap off easily.

I also wanted to make the stamp set match as well, of course! I tend to create the designs in slightly different sizes – so the wooden carousels are different to the stamp, which is different to the ephemera, which is different to the paper. This is so that whatever card or project you are making you can choose a design with the right fit and proportions for your make!

The next motif that I wanted to include was a hot air balloon. Partly so that I could also include little wooden clouds and then you can have unicorns and clouds which is a pretty awesome combo, but also because it adds to the magical feel of the collection. You can have pretty balloons floating over the rest of the fairground! That’s why I also wanted these adorable little background balloon stamps. You can make some pretty sky scenes with these.

And last but not least, the lovely unicorns themselves! We initially tried out a few different styles of unicorn when designing this collection but this lil guy won out. Just the right combo of cute and stylish.

The ephemera pack has four different colours of unicorns and they are facing different directions (two left, two right) so you can pick which one is right for your project! The cute wooden unicorns also come with hearts.

If you love all of the items and just can’t choose, check out the complete collection craft box which includes all the products in the range, plus an exclusive sticker sheet, at a discounted price. Happy crafting!