Mixed Media Bee Garden Cardsby StickerKittenJune 13, 2017 |

Hi crafters! Today I’m blogging about mixed media Bee Garden cards. Mixed media is very popular amongst crafters at the moment, but it’s not really my strong point (as you can see from my rather lacking ink-spritzed design below), so my wonderful friend and design team member Mags Woodcock has put together a little introduction to mixed media for anyone who has not tried it before. Basically instead of just using paper and embellishments on your handmade cards, you add in lots of texture with different elements!

An Introduction to Mixed Media, by Mags Woodcock

I am by no means an expert on mixed media, in fact I am very much a newbie. One thing I know for sure is that I love it with a passion. I try to use texture and dimension in all my craft work as I think it adds so much interest to a project. The supplies I use and techniques I have tried successfully are as follows.


I use it to prime a surface ready to add paint, ink, etc. It also adds a subtle texture when applied lightly or heavier texture if added with a spatula etc. Dry brushing with Gesso highlights texture on dimensional projects.



I use it to add texture (obviously lol). There are lots of types and finishes as well as colours. Apply with a spatula, old credit card etc. Wonderful effects can be created with texture paste applied through a stencil. Once the texture paste has dried slightly a stamp can be pressed into the paste to give additional texture.



Does what it says on the tin! Adds a wonderful crackle effect to paper, card and substrates as well as dimensional objects. Some surfaces may need priming with matt medium first. A colour wash can be added after the glaze or paste has fully dried – this seeps between the cracks for a great effect.


Where do I start? I love stencils. Apply texture paste, ink, spray ink, crackle paste (in fact any medium you can think of) through a stencil and you have instant interest. I have a lot of stencils which are in fact everyday object utilized as a stencil, for example a fly swatter, cross stitch mesh, lace doily, mesh ribbon etc.

I hope this helps a little, as I say this is just a beginners perspective and ideas I have tried.

I would recommend looking on YouTube for tutorials by Marta Lapkowska – How to break a blank page and mixed media supplies for beginners. Also Decoart have some great free tutorials on YouTube. The Mixed Up Mag blog/website has a couple of my projects including a project with homemade texture paste made with tea leaves.