StickerKitten Penguins and Presents craft rangeby StickerKittenNovember 4, 2016 |

Hi everyone, today I’m writing about my StickerKitten Penguins and Presents craft range because I realise it has been out for a whole month and I haven’t done a blog post yet! Following on from our Birthday Dinos range, James and I got to work on a range of Christmas papers.

We would love to have done some stamps to match the range too, but it cost us a lot to manufacture the Birthday Dinos stamps and we haven’t yet sold enough to make back the cost so we couldn’t justify going ahead with penguin stamps. But let’s see what happens! Maybe next year we can build an even more expansive Christmas range.

Anyway, over my next few blog posts I’ll aim to give you some ideas of what you can make with the Penguins and Presents range, including cards (especially shaker cards!), Christmas decorations and decoupaged coasters. In the meantime, if you happen to live nearby (or are willing to travel) I can teach you to make shaker cards in person! I am running a workshop at The Mulberry Bush in Thatcham on Saturday 19th November 2016 and there are still a couple of spaces left. You can book through my online shop.