How to create a mini bookby Katie MoodySeptember 26, 2020 |

Hello! Katie here to show you this adorable little mini book I made at the weekend using the Succulents collection. It’s got a cute shaker pocket at the front and documents my love of houseplants – I know I’m not the only one who’s a bit obsessed! It’s always good to document the little things that usually get missed from our bigger memory keeping projects. The pages give a lovely waterfall effect so you can see a little section of the page behind.

You will need

  • Covers: 2x outer pieces & 2x inner pieces 10 x 9cm.
  • Pages: 1x 13cm (w) x 9cm (h), folded at 6cm. 1x 17cm (w) x 9cm (h), folded at 8cm.
  • Spine: 1 x 8cm (w) x 8cm (h). Measure 2cm in on each side and fold three times at 1cm intervals in between, using a concertina effect.
  • Ribbon for closing the album
  • Sequins/beads, a piece of netting and/or plastic for the shaker pocket (I used the packaging the paper came in).
  • Cute succulent ephemera pack, succulent stamp set, stickers, and any other embellishments for the book

I loved making this mini book, it was a lot of fun and the theme was perfect! I know it’s not a conventional thing to document but why not, eh?! I know I’ll appreciate looking back at this in the future – plus it’s a great way to track the plants progress and see how much it’s grown! If you make one inspired by this, or use the tutorial to make your own mini book documenting something else, we’d love to see it! You can tag myself and Sticker Kitten on Instagram. Happy crafting!